General Questions

How does the contest work?

At the beginning of each contest we release a new chapter/a new puzzle every Monday and give them until Sunday of that week to solve. Then we start again with a new chapter of the puzzle next Monday. At the end of the contest, we award the prize to the individual or team that first have correctly solved all puzzles.

Is the price per Contest or there is one price to access all Contests?

The price is per Contest, regardless of the number of individuals in your team.

Can I access the game after it starts?

Yes, of course. You are free to access the game anytime while the registration is open.

What age are the games suitable for? Can I bring my kids? Will it be too hard for them?

There are no age limits in our escape games. The recommended minimum age is 12 years, but you have the final say in this matter.

How many people can be on a team?

There is no strictly required number of players in a team, so if you feel like playing alone – feel free to register as an individual contestant. The maximum number of people in the game depends on your preferences. its complexity. Currently we allow up to 4 players in a team. TO FINISH THIS

I don’t speak English. Can I play the game promoting Good Old Tales?

Of course you can. Our games require no language skills, so anyone can play them. And after all thee are online translators to do the language work for you.
Before we publish the puzzle we test it with different translation software and create our riddle the way, which is logical to solve without even having any knowledge of English.

Do I need any special equipment or software to participate in contests?

No. All you need is a smart device or a computer.

Do you create special photos, videos and audio files used during the contest?

If there is an audio-visual content used during the contest then it is definitely processed and worked out by us.

What kind of prizes are there?

There are different prices for each contest. 

Can I take the cash value of the prize instead of artwork or silver?

If you are the winner and if you are overseas then in some cases there are lot of complicated formalities. POPRAVITI OVO.

I still have question.

If you need more clarifications regarding the contest rules or you experience any issues (e.g. difficulty redeeming a hint), please email

Do not email if you are stuck on a clue. We will definitely not help you. Sorry.

I may have difficulties solving certain quests during the game. Can I still move on without solving it?

No, that's not possible. During the game you have to solve the riddles one at a time. Each solved riddle is the key to the next question. It is important to solve tasks in a particular order.

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