Dear future QUIZIAN,

Before you embark on your journey in QUIZIAN, we strongly recommend you to be patient and to read the messages on this website very carefully. This is the key to our successful co-operation and to your success.

Do not interpret our messages as generic content.
We have tried to explain as many aspects of our mutual interaction on this portal as possible.

Please read the messages thoroughly and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

And let success be with you.


Most of us carry far more general knowledge in our head than we realize.

In QUIZIAN you can monetize your knowledge and put what you know to good use – play, challenge other players and win money.

QUIZIAN is a one-stop destination for people with a good level of general knowledge and who wish to win prizes and money by participating in our online contests.

QUIZIAN contests are not a lottery or gamble. QUIZIAN is a unique place to win money on a quiz.

QUIZIAN is wholly owned and operated by VARBO CORPORATION s.r.o., Americká 41, 12000 Prague, State Tax ID: CZ28448049, a Czech corporation (Organizer).

VARBO CORPORATION is independent business consulting, digital publishing and full IT service providing company. The company is also trading fine art and managing investmensts in fine art. 

On QUIZIAN platform we offer some of the best intellectual quiz game contests and most incredible prizes on the internet.

Only at QUIZIAN can you win a contest of knowledge and skill and get an original artwork by a great European artist, worth tens of thousands. You won’t find any similar prizes for intellectual contests on the internet.

You can participate in our contests from anywhere in the world.

QUIZIAN is a place for fun and hanging out with family and friends. Involve them and increase your winning potential.

If you appreciate amusement games as much as we do, we believe you will find that our contests are not only entertaining and educative but also highly addictive.

And remember: nothing can beat the ego boost you receive after solving a hard task.


1. Select your contest

We offer different games and prizes. 

Each contest has its own release date. After the first release, new contests will be launched periodically.

Based on your preferences, select the game you wish to play and join the battle for grand prizes.

Monday Contests: Every Monday we will launch one single task contest for a prize of 100 euro.
The contest is free. There is no registration fee for weekly contests. 
To participate in weekly contests you have to register on our website and follow us on Instagram.
Accept these contests as warming up contests.

Premium Contests: Every last Monday of the month we will launch a Premium Contest for a prize of 1.000 euro.
Only registered users can participate in all our contests.
There is a registration fee for Premium Contests. 

Grand Prize Contest: There will be one Grand Prize Contest a year for a prize pool of 20.000 euro.
There is a registration fee for The Grand Prize Contest. 

2. Register

Register for an account with us. Only registered users can play our games for prizes.
Enter our competitions and fight for real prizes.

To participate, players must be at least 18 years of age.

Playing online games must be legal in your country. The player is responsible for complying with the relevant local laws.

3. Play the game

All contests consist of assignments / tasks. We call them missions. There are sets of questions for each contest. 
Submit correct answers and solve all tasks. Each correct answer will lead you to another task.

You don't need any special knowledge or extraordinary skills.
You are free to use gadgets and search engines and find information online and offline.


Difficulty level

First things first: All tasks are solvable. 

There are different levels of task: easy ones for warming up, more difficult tasks and also teeth-breakingly difficult tasks. 

For some contests the difficulty level of tasks may be marked with an oak leaf symbol.
1 leaf – Fun, easy and relaxing tasks. Just warming up.
2 leaves – You have to concentrate already.
3 leaves – Stay focused and keep going.
4 leaves – Keep calm and don’t panic. You can do it. It’s a matter of perception and thinking.
5 leaves – You need a good workout with your entire team. If you solve these tasks and are the first to do so, you definitely deserve to be rewarded.

Hints and clues

Hints, if any, are marked with a key symbol.
The number of keys indicates the number of hints available for each contest.

There are only a limited number of clues for each contest. From a certain point on, there are no clues anymore.

There are also contests whithout clues at all. You are on your own. Stay focused. Pay attention to every detail, word and sign.

Some of the assignments consist of a short introductory text, one or more images, and the task or mission, as we call it.

Very often a key, clue or free hint is veiled in this initial communication with you. Remember that sometimes a single sign or a word can open the door and speed up your victory. The more attentive you are to details, the more successful you will be.

Using hints will affect your final result, as each hint adds time to your final score.

About tasks

All our assignments and tasks are created by our team of experts and are not taken from any existing libraries or collections.

Some tasks may be easier to solve for some participants than others, but with enough persistence everyone should be on an even playing field.

Add to this discipline, patience and self-confidence and you will be on the right path.

It is about your mental flexibility, perceptiveness, way of thinking and understanding of what the clues are asking you to do. Everything depends on what kind of thinker you are.

There are no tasks requiring in-depth knowledge of maths, chemistry, coding language or web technologies. Everyday life skills and a good level of college education are sufficient to solve most of the tasks in our contests.

Once again, we want to remind you that the tasks in this contest are not a test of intelligence and solving them has nothing to do with your IQ.

The answers are almost always just in front of you, looking right at you or hiding somewhere in front of you, on the screen, in the text, in between or behind it. Think, search, analyze and carefully read everything you see in front of you.

After each and every game we change the tasks and their logic.

Rest assured that we never use the same task twice. It is therefore useless for you to waste time and look for the solutions online. Instead, we recommend that you invest that time in understanding the task and looking on the internet for auxiliary information which will help you to solve the task, rather than simply searching for the answer.

There is no limit on the number of attempts for each task. However, in some contests after two mistakes in a row we will add time to your score or you will have to solve another task. You can make your selection during the game.

Time limits

We anticipate that the tasks in each contest will take a certain amount of time to solve.

This is a skill-based personal contest assessed on time performance. It’s simple: the person who solves all tasks of a contest the fastest will be the contest winner and claim the contest prize.

To add some intrigue, we spiced up tasks with additional details to make them more time-consuming.
This is just to push you to go the extra mile, and will give all contestants an equal chance. 

What you will need

To participate in most of our contests you will need a laptop or tablet and of course an internet connection.

The way the games are created means that to identify details and achieve better results you need a screen bigger than that of a mobile gadget. Of course, the entire site is optimized for mobile devices, but for the sake of your productivity, we recommend using a laptop.

You will also need paper, pencil or pen, and a printer could be useful to print out some of the tasks.

For some tasks you will need text editing, graphic editing, basic audio editing or deciphering applications. You can find all of these online for free.


Only at QUIZIAN can you win a contest of knowledge and skill and get gold or silver bullion, certified diamonds or cash prizes.

Only at QUIZIAN you can get an original artwork by a great European artist, worth tens of thousands as a prize.

You won’t find any similar prizes for intellectual contests on the internet.

The prize is all yours – in some cases you can cash in your certificate to get some instant spending money, or keep the silver, gold, diamonds or artwork as an investment: the choice is yours.

This condition will be unambiguously articulated in the Contest Rules for each contest. To access the game, you must accept the rules for each contest.

If the prize for the contest is not awarded, it will be added to the prize pool for the next similar contest.

Remember: Only the winner is rewarded. Dominate the game!

Payouts and taxes. Governing law

Prize winners will get their payout funds wire transferred to the bank account and such within 45 days of the closing date of the contest and official announcement of the winner. There are no alternatives to this method of payment. 

QUIZIAN contests are governed by Czech and European Union Law. 15% income tax is applicable to any prize for contests where you are required to pay a registration fee.

For contests where you are required to purchase one of our products but do not pay a registration fee, the contest prize is free of such income tax, up to the value of 10 000 Czk. For any prize above that value, 15% income tax must be paid.

If the winner is from Czechia or the European Union, the Organizer is obliged to pay the tax to the state on behalf of the winner before they receive their payout.

If the winner is not from Czechia or the European Union, it is the responsibility of the winner to take care of all applicable taxes.


When creating the introductory articles to our contests, we use information from public domains and open sources. Wherever necessary we place a note and a link to the source.

We respect other people’s copyright as we respect our own, and make all efforts to avoid harming their copyright, even unintentionally. However, if you believe that your copyright has been harmed, please contact us immediately with evidence of this, and we will do our best to resolve the situation.



Go from "I can't do this" to "I can do this".

QUIZIAN contests are not a test of intelligence and solving them has nothing to do with your IQ, deep knowledge of maths or chemistry or the number of languages you speak.

Instead, it is about your mental flexibility, perception, way of thinking and understanding of what the clues are asking you to do. Everything depends on what kind of thinker you are.

Accept our contests as learning tools

Accept our contests as learning tools to help you improve your skills, learn and obtain new skills. They are organized and created to encourage you to learn a few interesting things every day and improve your mental flexibility and skills.

Trust us: You already know more than you think. And if you use your skills and knowledge and win one of our exciting prizes as a result, even better. We all will be happy.

Solve alone or with friends and family

Solving problems with a team is always fun and advantageous. You know things your friends don’t know, and they know things you don’t. That means you can solve roughly twice as much stuff by pooling your knowledge, and it’s a good excuse to spend time together.

Ask and listen to your team. Our games are a great way to keep the whole family or team entertained for hours. Listen to the audio files if there are any, read, enjoy, solve riddles, have fun and win the prize. Collective brainpower rules on QUIZIAN.

And never underestimate kids, if you are lucky enough to have any around while solving our puzzles.

Take a break if you get stuck

Your brain can get tired, so if you find yourself stuck for a long time at some point in the puzzle, try and think about it in different ways or take a break for a while and come back to it later.

Our brain continues working on a problem in the background too. Once you come back to a task, you’re often surprised to discover that the answer was obvious and was there all along. So, do not get frustrated or discouraged; these are supposed to be challenging tasks.

Help is permitted

Sometimes it will be difficult to complete a task without help.

Sometimes you will need outside knowledge to solve a task. You are free to use gadgets and software and search for solutions online or offline to find the knowledge you need and improve your skills. Don’t be afraid to look up information for help; this is permitted and will make you become a better solver.

If you are unable to solve a puzzle on your own, don’t panic. Get creative. Get help.

The answers are just in front of you, looking right at you or hiding somewhere in front of you, on the screen, in the text, in between or behind it.

Technical problems

If you experience any technical problems (for example if you are having difficulty redeeming a hint or come across a broken clue or link), please contact us immediately to alert us of the problem. We will attempt to fix any errors as quickly as possible.

However, any emails not related to an error or bug, but instead looking for more information about clues and hints, will not be answered.

Fair play

Play fair. No cheating. No spoilers – it's against the rules to go looking for spoilers. Don’t share the answers with anyone. If you do, you will be disqualified instantly.

QUIZIAN is a maximally transparent space – no fraud and no tricks. We are straightforward in our policies and our behavior and there is no fine print in our rules, agreements or conditions.

We are governed by Czech Law which is very strict, and we take great care and responsibility to maintain our reputation and name.

If you're ready to start, get going.


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