The Fountain of Arethusa

The Fountain of Arethusa

The Fountain of Arethusa


Fountains were once the main source of drinking water almost in every city. They stood in every open space: some were simple timber-framed reservoirs, while others were decorated with classical or biblical sculptures or natural motifs.

During the Renaissance and Baroque periods in particular, rich citizens and noblemen would compete to see who could create the most ostentatiously decorated fountain and build splendid waterworks.

There are more than two thousand fountains in Rome.
Paris has more than two hundred fountains.
Czech novelist Ignát Hermann indicates that more than 400 fountains existed in Prague in the 19th century, both public and private.

There are many legends and stories related to fountains. And, of course, there are secret messages hidden in some of these fountains. Finding them will guide you to our contest prize. 

We discovered these stories and devised an intriguing contest full of challenging tasks. Be the fastest to solve them and win the prize of 1000 Euros.

All you need is a good mindset, concentration and a good team.


Contest type: Premium contest

Registration ends: June 27, 24:00

Contest start date: June 28, 2021, 00:00

Contest end date: July 5, 2021, 24:00

Number of tasks: 12 (twelve) tasks

Registration fee: 1490 Czk (≈ €58 / $69 / £50)

Early bird discount: 50% (ends June 15, 2021)

Contest Prize: €1,000

Skills required: No special knowledge required

Contest difficulty: Medium to difficult

Contest frequency: One contest

Number of prizes: A total of 1 (one) prize
The prize is all yours – whether the prize be in cash, services or merchandise. You are free to cash in your certificate and get the prize value wired to your bank account.


Prizes are non-transferable and will be awarded to the winner only, based on eligibility.

Picture ID is required in order to claim a prize.

If the prize for the contest is not awarded, it will be added to the prize pool for the next similar contest.

Visit GET STARTED, RULES and QUESTION AND ANSWERS sections to learn more.


There are 12 tasks in this contest.

To move to the next task you need the password.

Think, search, analyze and carefully read everything you see in front of you.

There is no limit on the number of attempts for each task.

You will need: paper, pencil or pen, and a printer could be useful to print out some of the tasks.

If in this contest you will need text editing, graphic editing, basic audio editing or deciphering applications - you can find all of these online for free.


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