Contest Rules

Contest Rules



First things first: All tasks are solvable.

There are different levels of task: easy ones for warming up, more difficult tasks and also teeth-breakingly difficult tasks.

Some tasks may be easier to solve for some participants than others, but with enough persistence everyone should be on an even playing field.

Add to this discipline, patience and self-confidence and you will be on the right path.

It is about your mental flexibility, perceptiveness, way of thinking and understanding of what the clues are asking you to do. Everything depends on what kind of thinker you are.

There are no tasks requiring in-depth knowledge of maths, chemistry, coding language or web technologies. Everyday life skills and a good level of college education are sufficient to solve most of the tasks in our contests.

Once again, we want to remind you that the tasks in this contest are not a test of intelligence and solving them has nothing to do with your IQ.

The answers are almost always just in front of you, looking right at you or hiding somewhere in front of you, on the screen, in the text, in between or behind it.


This is a skill-based personal contest assessed on time performance. You win if you come first.

To add some intrigue, we spiced up tasks with additional details to make them more time-consuming. This is just to push you to go the extra mile, and will give all contestants an equal chance. Even though all tasks are solvable.

If you don’t manage to solve all the tasks during the contest, you will still be able to continue solving them without claiming any prize even once the contest is over.


You will need: paper, pencil or pen, and a printer could be useful to print out some of the tasks.

For some tasks you will need text editing, graphic editing, basic audio editing or deciphering applications. You can find all of these online for free.


The contest consists of assignments/tasks. There are 14 tasks in this contest.

It’s simple: the person who solves all assignments/tasks of the contest the fastest will be the contest winner and claim the contest prize.

There are only a limited number of clues for this contest. From a certain point on, there are no clues at all. You are on your own.

Stay focused. Pay attention to every detail, word and sign.

To move to the next mission, you need the password.

This can be found in the message above / below / in front of you / wherever you find it, etc.

Think, search, analyze and carefully read everything you see in front of you.

There is no limit on the number of attempts for each task. However, after two mistakes in a row we will add TIME TO YOUR SCORE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO SOLVE ANOTHER TASK. You can make your selection during the game.

And let success be with you.

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