The Pot of Gold

The Pot of Gold

The Pot of Gold


Have fun with your entire family and friends.

Solve 25 tasks online and win the Grand Prize:

A big pot of real gold and real silver.


Number of tasks: 50 tasks

Release date: June 25, 2021, 00:00 AM

Contest end date: July 5, 2021 24:00 AM

Registration fee: 30 EURO

Prize: A pot of gold and silver worth € 20,000

Skills required: No special knowledge required. Listen, read, enjoy and investigate the Armenian Tales to find 50 hidden messages, proverbs, riddles and more. Use your everyday skills to win the Grand Prize. 

Contest difficulty: Medium to difficult

Contest duration: 5 days

Contest frequency: One release only

Payout: The prize is all yours – you are free to cash in your certificate and get the prize value wired to your bank account, or keep the pot of gold and silver as an investment: the choice is yours.


This contest is sponsored by Good Old Tales project, presenting the first audio edition of “Armenian Tales" in English - a handpicked selection from the treasury of Armenian folk heritage and retold by great classic storytellers.
Each story from these albums is blended with unique and upbeat music created by famous composers and performed by professional musicians and orchestras.
This brings the experience of audio tale listening to new standards and will entertain the entire family for hours of joyful delight.
Listen, enjoy, solve riddles and win the prize.


There are 50 tasks in this contest.

To move to the next task you need the password. This can be a word, a string of words, or a phrase. You have to figure out that on your own.

Think, search, analyze and carefully read everything you see in front of you.

There is no limit on the number of attempts for each task.

However, after two mistakes in a row we will add TIME TO YOUR SCORE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO SOLVE ANOTHER TASK. You can make your decision during the game.

You will need: paper, pencil or pen, and a printer could be useful to print out some of the tasks.

If in this contest you will need text editing, graphic editing, basic audio editing or deciphering applications – you can find all of these online for free.

And let success be with you.

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