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Play Unique Games - Win Real Prizes | Kviz Land

Quizian is a knowledge
and skill contest platform.

Not a lottery or gamble.

We offer some of the best intellectual quiz game contests
and most incredible prizes on the internet up to 20 000 Euro and higher.

You can participate in our contests from anywhere in the world.

Get your family and friends involved and increase your winning potential.

Quizian is a place for fun and hanging out with family and friends.


1. Select your contest

2. Register for an account

3. Play the game

There are sets of questions for each contest.

Submit correct answers and solve all tasks.

Each correct answer will lead you to another task.

You don't need any special knowledge or extraordinary skills.

You are free to use gadgets and search engines and find information online and offline.


QUIZIAN is a maximally transparent space – no fraud and no tricks. We are straightforward in our policies and our behavior and there is no fine print in our rules, agreements or conditions.

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QUIZIAN contests are governed by Czech and European Union Law.

15% income tax is applicable to any prize for contests where you are required to pay a registration fee.

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